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Works outside the series

Since the summer of 2021, I have been working in a new creative paradigm. The concept is building works around certain images and certain characters. The whole Universe of Sergey Es is a City of Eternal Night. The protagonist, the Rock’n’roller, a man with a top hat and a bow tie, once finds himself in the City.

The Rock’n’roller doesn’t actually remember well how and when he got there, but he yearns to get out. Somehow, he knows there is the Star, which will rise one day and show him the way out. The whole life of this man builds upon the search of the Star. He explores the City looking for the Answer.

On his way, the Rock’n’roller meets other characters and interacts with them this way or another, trying to reach his goal. Each character is unique and has its own personality, views, and talents and has a certain influence on the protagonist.

All in all, this creates hundreds of situations and plots for my paintings. But it’s not that simple. In fact, the protagonist is а projection of a mentally ill person onto his unconscious, which is the City.

Other characters are symptoms and different factors that affect the patient’s wellbeing. And the Star means, of course, his recovery, which probably will never come. But I sure hope for the best outcome.

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