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In 12 canvases, I show a retrospective of my life: from the moment of realizing myself as a person to the current moment.


Graphic elements are still applied in my technique and style, but for the first time the background is a film shot printed on a canvas of a real place. The photo is defining in the captured period of life.


For shooting, I chose the LOMO LC-A compact camera that gave rise to the Lomography.


Lomography is a kind of film photography when shooting is done without looking into the viewfinder. This genre of photography aims to capture life in all its manifestations in pictures as it is. Lomographers are looking for beauty in a huge number of low-quality film frames taken from unusual angles.


All this fits perfectly with my concept.


The main character of the series is a Rock'n'roller, my alter-ego. From canvas to canvas, he lives the set of emotions and feelings that were in the majority in the narrated period of my life.


There are several sentences of text on each canvas. They direct the viewer's thoughts and reflections. Thus, it’s easier for the viewer to read the message of the canvas.


But that’s its secondary function. In general, these lines came into the sketch along with the image of work. I didn't compose them. They were just on the tip of my tongue. I couldn't help but put them in the picture.


The picture in the final canvas is my photo, that says that I’ve finally found and accepted myself.

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