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Cenesthopathy is a distressing, unpleasant bodily sensation localized on the surface of the body or in internal organs, which has no objectness and appears in the absence of any objective pathological process in the area of its localization.


Cenesthopathy is a frequent symptom of mental illness.


In this project, consisting of 12 paintings, I relate a sequence of painful, excruciating experiences that followed one another untill my psychiatrist prescribed a certain medicine that removed those awful symptoms.


Each painting represents one of 12 experiences I had during this fit, which lasted about 15 hours.


The feelings were undoubtedly negative and painful, and still there was something interesting and unusual about it. And I guess that’s what I wanted to express in my project.


I consciously avoided painting this as a story of pain and sorrow because this experience means something more than simply pain and sorrow. There is even something beautiful about it. It’s strange but that is the idea I wanted to express.

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