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This series IS NOT:


- An attempt to actualize any religious plots and topics, whether with dogmatic proponent purpose or as a reflection on deep connections between religion and global art culture.

- A wish to understand the extent and nature of religious ideas and canons penetrating the modern world of post-urbanistic constructs.

- A satirical, burlesque, ironic, post- or meta-ironic way of opposing people’s religious beliefs.

- A way of comparing religious causal systems with fundamental scientific one.

- An instrument of epatage, attention-grabbing, butthurt provocation, or hype.

- An existential search or answer.

- A reflection on the problem of biblical characters as historical people or fictional nature of the Bible itself.

- An attempt to identify religious fragments as a tradition, an ‘atavism’ or a ‘rudiment’ of modern culture.

- A cultural guide or a medium of communication.

- A metaphor or a ground for reflection on every idea ever formulated within religious studies, theological, theosophical, and philosophical discourses.

- A medium for representing chaotic and inconscient images of the artist’s mind.

- A reflection of mental or intellectual state of the artist, his inner world or his values.

- In any way an informative, expressive, conceptual, non-conceptual, formal, informal, figurative, abstract, or vanguard work.

- A thing-in-itself or an object of perception.

- A fact of painting.

- A school.

- A style.

- A painting.

- And, quite possibly, these are not Adam’s bones, or not Adam, or not bones.

- And absolutely not the infinite number of interpretations arising in your mind.

- And it is not even what lies beyond everything a man can think of.

- All the more, it is not the nothing that lies beyond nothing.

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