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Afternoon dreams

The series of paintings "Afternoon dreams" contains works dictated by my unconscious. Almost all of them are created in the neuro-psychiatric clinic where I am being treated. What is depicted in the paintings-images is that came to me in a half-sleep or dreams.

In some way or another, each canvas has its own theme, its own message, but this is not formed by me, I did not think about it. Each of the works had only one sketch, because the image of what is depicted in the pictures was already in my head. Stories appeared ready-made and formed.

Sometimes, when I fell asleep, a picture suddenly appeared before my eyes, a ready-made image on a certain topic. Then I would make an effort, come out of my slumber, draw an image in a notebook, and when the opportunity arose, take a canvas and do the work in paint.

Often, until the work was finished, the image did not give me peace, and loomed before my eyes, and I could not get rid of it. He left only with the completion of work on the canvas.

"Afternoon dreams" is a vivid example of how resource-based mental illness can be, how rich the unconscious is in a person with a different type of thinking. With this series of works, I want to connect the world in which I live and the disease, and the world in which others live.

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